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SuperSlow Zone® strengthening protocol

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SuperSlow Zone® provides an accredited, high intensity, low force exercise strengthening protocol (method).
It’s quick. It’s effective. It’s based on science, with a distinctive 29 year history. Expert-supervised each minute, your Instructor personalizes your session to ensure you have a complete, total body, safe work out every time. It is ideal and beneficial for all ages and abilities, including rehabilitation, clients with minor to major medical challenges, bodybuilding, weight loss and the general exerciser.

Exercise 1 to 2 times a week depending on your goals. Your knowledgeable, professional Instructor is, first and foremost, focused on your needs and results and the value this imparts to your life. Always on time, and always attentive, your Instructor helps you sustain maximum results and rewards in minimum time. Recapture valuable time to you life, peace of mind by taking care of yourself and greater enjoyment through increased strength, health and vitality.

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